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QikPatrol is the best, most efficient and smart security alerting system in Sub Sahara. Our emergency assistance technology, reveals your information and current location to our large pool of security companies to locate and rescue.

Smart HR

Our HR software is the best user friendly system to all human resources solutions that any organisation needs.  It allows self-service for both general staff and management focusing only on what the user has access to. Smart HR software allows management of leave, appraisal, discipline, promotion, training etc. which makes the work of the HR manager more efficient. More so, Smart HR can be customised according to a client’s needs.

Smart Payroll

Smart Payroll is a cloud based STP (Single Touch Payroll) solution which is consistently updated and maintained by TechCity. It simplifies all payroll processes with the way it is robust, effective, efficient, user friendly. Smart payroll also provides prodigious security and it also helps calculate back pay, all statutory taxes, overtime, deductions, extract reports, payment of salaries on time etc. Our payroll software can also provide additional data and analysis to make the payroll information more useful to your business.